Nothing is Impossible

To put it simply, I am a collector of crime fiction, and more specifically, of Locked Room Mysteries. Over the past 4 years I have amassed a somewhat large amount of books (150 and counting) that are understood to be the best in the genre, and immersed myself in the gothic, macabre and sometimes hilarious world of the impossible crime story

Some of my collection

A  Locked Room Mystery or Impossible Crime story is a sub genre of crime fiction in which the crime in question is carried out under ‘impossible’ or unexplainable circumstances. For example, someone is shot, stabbed, strangled, bludgeoned, poisoned (etc.) inside a room which is locked from the inside, with all windows bolted and no possible means of escape, yet the killer has vanished. A valuable item is under constant observation from all sides, and from all exits, with a fool-proof alarm system, yet somehow is stolen away. Three people stand outside the only entrance to a 3rd floor apartment. Yet the only man inside, who they watched enter, vanishes and found moments later half a mile away hanging from a tree. (G.K Chesterton’s ‘The Miracle of Moon Crescent’) You get the picture.

This blog will be dedicated to musings, philosophisings and wrestlings on this and other topics related to the reading, writing and collecting of crime fiction.

I hope you enjoy something of my esoteric thoughts.




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