An exciting announcement! June 2019

Hello friends and followers. You may in your Golden Age Detection obsession have heard about the wonderful Bodies from the Library conference that happens each year at the world-famous British Library in London.

The master library itself 

Well, my announcement is that myself and fellow blogger JJ, also known as The Men Who Explain Miracles have been invited to speak this year! So this weekend, Saturday the 28th of June, we will be offering one of the lectures and gabbing on for much too long I’m sure about all things impossible crime and locked room.


Tickets are still available for the day, and it really is a wonderful conference full of great speakers and most important lots of book! Including many of the British Library Crime Classics series that will be available to you ahead of publishing dates.

Hope to meet some of you there!

6 thoughts on “An exciting announcement! June 2019”

      1. Looking forward to it.

        I’m also quite bummed that I won’t be able to attend, there were a couple of other talks that sounded quite promising.

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  1. This was a brilliant presentation crammed with recommendations. I hope you can place this material onto one of your websites. My note taking couldn’t match your pace. I also hope you can do a similar presentation at Bristol Crimefest where you will be allocated more time. Your dual act also works well.
    This was one of the best lectures I’ve seen in the last five years – and this is from someone who attends Crimefest every year and has seen a large number of crime fiction panels.

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    1. Thank you so much Richard. I’m guessing you found the full list of books of JJ’s blog? If you do have any contact fit Bristol Crimefest do connect us! We are always up for doing more and spreading the locked room word!


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